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If you look at the history of web marketing and search engines, you will see that link exchanges have existed in many forms. The clear direction as of late is to emphasize the importance of engaging the best-suited sites for this process. You simply must have an understanding of what is acceptable if you wish to pursue this activity. There are never any guarantees, but there are certain practices to help you get the kind of links you want.

You can save yourself some heartache by avoiding highly popular sites with a much higher page rank. If you should be lucky enough to be good friends with the owner of a hugely popular site - then you would be crazy to not ask. Search for any possible candidate (site) that shares the same general qualities as your site. If you continue working on your site, then as it matures you will have a better chance with approaching the higher PR sites. It only makes sense that a high PR site will get nothing in return, really, from linking to a much lower PR site. When you email a webmaster or a blogger, don't make it look like you already sent out the link exchange request to a ton of other people, before approaching them. In order to increase your chances of getting a link exchange deal in place, personalize the email you're sending, instead of writing a general email for everybody which ends up looking like a bulk email sent to a ton people. Something as simple as using the person's name will help you a great deal in personalizing your request. However, maintaining brevity in your email will be appreciate just so it does not take up a lot of time to read. If you can get everything right as much as possible, you may get a favorable reply.

You need to format your text the right way just for the sake of good order and appearance. You may make the mistake of using all caps in your text, but the other webmaster may fix that anyway.

Even though this might seem like a good way to grab the attention of your target audience, it's not. This is just a bad practice to get into the habit of doing, and it makes you look like an amateur. The normal convention is going with the first letter in each word of your anchor text. When all's said and done, be sure to remember that if you are proficient it will pay off over time, so be sure that every action you make towards exchanging links is well thought out.

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